7 suggestions for a perfect April in your boutique hotel in Barcelona

April is a perfect month for a holiday. In Spain, more and more people are choosing to get to know their own country, take advantage of the good weather to go to the beach or enjoy a spring break in the country or the mountains.  For all these reason, Barcelona is a top destination during this month.  We are going to give you an idea of what you can do when you visit our city.  You can make this an even more enjoyable experience if you stay at the Well and Come, our Boutique Hotel.


Try the Easter “Monas”

What is known as the Easter “monas” are one of the symbols of the Holy Week in Catalonia. It is thought that originally they were a gift for observing the fasting period of Lent. The main ingredient of the Easter “monas” is chocolate –dark, milk or white –and they come in all shapes and forms: eggs, rabbits, gnomes, cartoon characters and even football players!

If you visit Barcelona in April, especially during Easter, you will see this delicious product in any pastry shop.


mona de pascua

Holy Week for two in your Boutique Hotel in Barcelona

Celebrate the passion of Holy Week with your partner and by that we are not referring exactly to Easter itself. Well and Come is also your romantic hotel in Barcelona. For this reason we have a romantic offer specially designed for couples, This romantic offer consists of a special décor in your room, a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, a massage kit and a minibar among other things. Does this sound enticing to you? You can find more information about our romantic offer.


Take a stroll round the beautiful parks and gardens of Barcelona

Barcelona is especially beautiful in springtime. There are so many parks and gardens worth a visit. A stroll around them immerses you in spring through its colours and fragrancies. Especially famous is the Parque de la Ciudadela, full of features such as cascades, sculptures and tree lined avenues which give it a picturesque atmosphere.

Other interesting parks and garden worth visiting now are the Montjuic Gardens, the biggest in Barcelona and the gardens of the Pedralbes Palace, which still conserve a stately, 19th century atmosphere, charming in its very essence.


The gentle spring nights on our rooftop in Barcelona

Spring means, first and foremost, mild sunny days ideal for contemplating flowers and trees starting to bloom. But spring also means wonderful evenings: clear skies and fragrancy in the air. A magnificent way to enjoy an evening like this is to have a drink on our fantastic rooftop terrace in Barcelona where you can relax and enjoy the stunning views out over the city.



Take a walk along the beach in La Barceloneta

The best place to enjoy the mild spring weather is the area of the beach of La Barceloneta.  A stroll along the water’s edge to the gentle lapping sound of the Mediterranean is an unmissable experience.


De flor en flor (From flower to flower), the Flower and Garden Festival in Barcelona

This is the second edition of this floral, multicoloured festival, which was very successful last year. It consists of 17 floral and plant decorations – orchids, roses, bonsais and much more – which are set up along the street and in the squares. Alongside this flower exhibition there are workshops for children, how to have an urban vegetable patch and live music.


Take the best photos of the emblematic Gaudi buildings very close to the Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona

Spring is synonymous with both flowers and light. And not just because days tend to be sunnier at this time of the year but because the quality of light is different in springtime. So it is a fantastic occasion to take some great photos of the most emblematic monuments that represent the Catalan Modernist movement. They are all a stone’s throw away from the Well and Come: buildings such as La Pedrera, la Casa Batllo, la Sagrada Familia and the Casa de les Punxes are really close to our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona.