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Eat, drink and sleep in Barcelona

Who can resist an invitation to have some tapas? Those small and delicious portions of food accompanied by a fantastic drink.

Tapas are an aperitif you can find in a tapas bar; we eat them with good wines or local beers. Many people have a tapa before their main meal, others simply go for tapas instead of having lunch or dinner.

In Spain tapas are very common and Barcelona is a city where you can try really sophisticated varieties of tapas.  But what could be better than going out for some of these tasty morsels and visiting Barcelona at the same time

Tapas in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter is one of the four districts which make up the Old City of Barcelona.  It has the best walking itineraries which take you to the most interesting places in the city.

Like in all Spanish cities, there are numerous bars and restaurants where you can eat, drink and celebrate your holiday as if it were a work of art.  Gastronomy is also an art which you can enjoy and try everything on offer.

With this is mind, we suggest a gastronomic and cultural event organized by Barcelona City Tellers who will be your guides for the famous Tapas Tour in the Gothic Quarter.

This tour is for lovers of good food and for people who love travelling and discovering hidden away places. If you decide to enjoy this experience you will visit taverns, wineries and top class restaurants serving stunning tapas and traditional wine.

Tapas Tour in the Gothic Quarter starts with an aperitif tasting session, including typical Iberian ham with a local drink. The second stop on the Tapas Tour will take you to a high quality winery with a great atmosphere.  And the third stop includes some excellent gourmet tapas.

Altogether you will be able to try twelve tapas and five drinks. The only condition necessary is the desire to enjoy a gastronomic itinerary in an incredible city, sampling the best local products and top quality wines.

Tapas Tour in the Gothic Quarter will be held on May 11th from 7 p.m until 11 p.m. If you want to buy a ticket or you need further information, look here.

To finish off an exquisite evening: stay overnight in the Boutique Hotel Barcelona

If you are looking for excellence and a perfect ending we suggest you choose the Boutique Hotel Barcelona to relax and enjoy one last experience.

The terrace solarium of the Hotel Well and Come is a magical place with views of the Tibidabo (the entertainment park of Barcelona). This is possibly the best option to finish off a relaxing evening.

The terrace is on the roof of the building, which has great cultural and historical value and dates from 1872. The building where the hotel is located belonged to an important Catalan family and it was completely renovated in 2015 conserving the typical features of the buildings situated in the Eixample in Barcelona.  This building has always been significant and continues to be so in our days.