7 plans to greet spring in your boutique hotel in Barcelona

Spring is just around the corner; we can see it in the good weather, the longer days and nature gradually waking up from winter.  Barcelona is looking good at this time of the year when the first spring flowers are starting to bloom.  You can enjoy all this in our boutique hotel in Barcelona.

In this article we are going to show you all the fantastic things you can do in Barcelona during the month of March to welcome the spring. Art, shows and leisure activities.  Come with us!

Take a stroll round the Independent Label Market

Do you like music, especially on vinyl? If so, the Independent Label Market is a must on your list of visits if you are in Barcelona in March.  This event started in 2011 with the intention of providing a space for independent record labels to show and sell their products.  Since then, the event has taken place in cities such as Berlin and London and although vinyl records are especially important in the Market, there is lots more to see.

This event will take place on March 18th and 19th in the CRAC, the Centre of Resources for entrepreneurs and citizens


Discover the Tapas Spanish Design for Food

Do you like the idea of a fusion between design and gastronomy? If so, this exhibition will surely fascinate you. After being shown in cities such as Tokyo, Miami, Washington, Seul, Toronto or Madrid, it has now arrived in Barcelona so that we can see creations from the last 25 years.  There are contributions from “rock star” chefs like Ferran Adria and designers like Luki HuberA total of 250 exhibits connected with gastronomy which will show you just how art and cuisine can interact with each other.

The exhibition will be in Barcelona from March 8th to 31st in the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

Have a drink on the rooftop of our boutique hotel in Barcelona

With the arrival of the good weather an attractive proposal is to contemplate the stunning views of the city of Barcelona. You can do this from our rooftop in Barcelona and there you can welcome in the spring in the best possible way: relaxing and living the moment.


Enjoy Carmina Burana by the Fura del Baus

Shows by the Fura del Baus are a spectacle in themselves but they are even more stunning to the sound of Carl Orff’s powerful music.

As usual when La Fura are behind a show, everything is over the top and with a great visual impact, above all when the main concept is based on the spring: cascades, live wine harvests and even spring fragrancies. Eyes, ears and nose all necessary to enjoy one of the most popular musical shows.

You can see it from March 16th to 26th in the Teatre Tivoli.

Have a good laugh with stand up comedy by Goyo Jimenez

Stand up comedy is always a good option to finish off the evening after dinner (or to start off with).  Above all the incisive and intelligent comments from one of the best standup comic of the moment: Goyo Jimenez.

You can see  Goyo Jimenez  from March 12th to 22nd in the Teatre Borras.  If you are visiting the city during that time, this would be a good choice. Moreover, the location of the boutique Hotel Well and Come in Barcelona makes it easy to take in these shows.

Listen to Beethoven by Gustavo Dudamel

Gustavo Dudamel is the “it” boy of classical music.  As an orchestra conductor, he is one of the most striking personalities of the present musical world.  He possesses a stunning vibrancy and is one of the most sought after performers in the concert halls of the world.  His energetic and enthusiastic manner of conducting is enhanced by his profound knowledge of the great works of classical music.  For this reason it is always magnificent to see him conducting, especially works by Beethoven.  A fabulous combination, without a doubt.

You can see Gustavo Dudamel conducting from March 12th to 15th in the Palau de la Musica Catalana.  This concert is worth attending both for the spectacle in itself and for the opportunity to contemplate one of the most exquisite architectural examples of Catalan Modernism.


Pay a visit to the Mutuo Arte & Crafts

A fantastic place to visit if you like art and design. The Mutuo Arte & Crafts shows work by designers and artists ranging from illustrators, photographers and jewellery designers. You can see exhibits by these artists and also buy some of the work on show.  A fantastic visit to round off a stroll around Barcelona in the good weather.

The Mutuo Arte & Crafts will be held on March 18th in the Mutuo Centro de Arte.