The IBTM 2018 close to our boutique hotel in Barcelona

This year the IBTM World 2018 will return to Barcelona from the 27th to the 29th of November and we believe that there is no better place to stay than at our boutique hotel in Barcelona. Located only 7 km from the international conference you will be able to enjoy a schedule filled with business and events knowledge and workshops followed by a relaxing environment to unwind in and recharge your batteries ready for another day at the conference. In this article we will be telling you about what this years IBTM has planned and why it’s such an important event in its sector.


What is the IBTM?

The IBTM is a leading global event which takes place in Barcelona each year and is centred on meetings, incentives and the events industry. This conference was created to improve the world of events and ensure that this sector delivers exceptional services to their customers. It is a way to bring together the great minds of business and events, for the sharing of knowledge in order to make businesses more successful, gain crucial connections and have the possibility of engaging in important networking opportunities. The type of companies that will be exhibiting will be from the world of attraction and entertainment, airlines and cruise lines, national tourist organisations, technology providers and much more. If you are looking to develop your business and gain a real insight in to an ever changing industry then this is a must not miss event for you.




What to expect this year in Barcelona

This year as always the IBTM has an interesting and unique schedule programmed for the 2018 event. Over 3 days participants will have the chance to be involved in a series of talks, exhibitions, demonstrations and gatherings which will help to broaden the future minds of the industry.

The event will be split across many areas in which different activities will be taking place. The first area will be hosting the Exploratory Zone which is a stand where you will be able to watch demonstrations and learn about all of the latest technologies in the events industry and learn how they can help to improve your business. Another is the knowledge programme with key note speakers, experts from the field will be talking about their own personal experiences and projecting the necessary advice which they believe will benefit those in the industry. This event will also feature the Technology Watch Award which recognises exceptional entrepreneurs and organisations that are revolutionising the way events are organised and created. The networking and social events will also allow you to meet some of the experts and pioneers of the field in a more relaxed and informal setting in which you can share knowledge and even ask your peers the questions which you have struggled to find an answer to. Following all of the events going on at the IBTM you will want to relax and unwind, our rooms ensure a fantastic night’s sleep with all of the latest in room technologies and amenities. Why not enjoy a glass of something cold on our rooftop in Barcelona and reflect on the past day before heading to one of our charming rooms.


Well and Come Boutique Hotel in Barcelona: the perfect partner for the 2018 IBTM

At Well and Come Boutique Hotel in Barcelona, we believe that there is no better city to host this conference than the one in which you will find our hotel, Barcelona. We guarantee a stay like no other with all of the comforts which you will need after a long day at the 2018 IBTM conference. If you are thinking of attending this event then don’t hesitate any longer and reserve your room. If you reserve directly on the website of our boutique hotel in Barcelona you can also enjoy exclusive benefits such as Nespresso coffee capsules, 50 % off breakfasts and packs and much more.