Celebrate Christmas and New Year close by to our boutique hotel in Barcelona

December is one of those months in which the magic of friendship and love between those you love most intensifies. For some it can be a stressful time, but for others it’s the time they look forward to most. But what is clear is that the fundamental pillar of these dates are get together’s, family and affection. Barcelona is one of those cosmopolitan cities in which Christmas and New Year’s Eve has a special meaning. At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we want to give you some hints and tips about what to do and where to go to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Condal City.


What to do at Christmas, by our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Christmas is a popular holiday across the globe. It’s the final stretch of the year filled with fulfilled resolutions or maybe some unanswered questions. But what you will always find is your family and friends by your side. One of the main Christmas symbols is the nativity scene. Every year in the centre of Barcelona one scene is put under the spotlight. The plaza de Sant Jaume welcomes this representation every year due to its originality. This year a manger has been designed which includes twelve characters who come together around a table featuring a Christmas dinner but from the perspective of a child. This way, each and every one of the characters in the manger are easily identified.

The Singing of the Sibil·la is a hymn portrayed by a female character dressed in a historic dress and with a sword in her hand which announces the Apocalypse. This representation dates back to the Middle Ages and the Catedral de Barcelona hosts the oldest musical version (15th century) on the Iberian Peninsula. After the performance of this emotional hymn, it’s time for the traditional Misa del Gallo, a special mass which is another classic part of Christmas amongst Church attendees.

Another big even in Barcelona during Christmas is the Fira de Santa Llúcia. This heart-warming artisanal fair is held in front of the Catedral de Barcelona and offers all types of Christmas decorations, such as figurines and classic items from Barcelonan Christmas culture such as the Tió de Nadal (Christmas Uncle), zambombas, lights, moss and figures from the manger.


What to do on New Year’s Eve, by our boutique hotel in Barcelona

On the last day of the year butterflies start to build and everyone eagerly awaits to get together and celebrate. Barcelona, much like the rest of Spain, has its own traditions and rituals which make it stand out across Europe. The most unique and important aspect is the way in which the New Year is welcomed: the Spanish eat 12 grapes during the first 12 seconds of the New Year. That is to say: one grape for every chime of the bells. The most important squares in each municipality welcome thousands of participants in this tradition, which is broadcasted across all televisions in Spain so that families can eat their grapes all together. Another interesting aspect is that the Spanish always wear red underwear because, according to the tradition, it gives good luck for the upcoming year for those wearing it. But without a doubt, the most respected tradition is welcoming in the New Year amongst your family or friends.

If you’re one of those people who like to enter in to the New Year out of the house, the main squares in each municipality are a great place to go. However there is a place in Barcelona where all of this is multiplied by ten. The Fuente de Montjuïc every year hosts a show of lights and colours. Tonnes of pyrotechnics ignite the celebrations welcoming the New Year with music, Castellers (human towers) and giants with the objective of converting this spectacle into a touristic magnet in the city. In 2019 it is expected that there will be more than 80,000 people who will attend which in compared to last year will be a great increase. You can’t miss it!


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Have you now got an idea of how you are going to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve this year? Without a doubt this is a great way to combine the culture and customs of Barcelona. At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we want to offer the highest quality and comfortable accommodation during these dates. This is why, we advise reserving a room in our hotel and head in to the New Year in style. Welcome 2019 with us!