Come to the Smart City Expo World Congress and stay at Well and Come

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of November the fair is celebrated enclosed within the Gran Via, Barcelona, the world leading event for Smart Cities: the Smart City Expo World Congress. To all of those who wish to attend this great event, we hope you know that our boutique hotel in Barcelona Well and Come is waiting for you so that you have the best imaginable stay.


What is the Smart City Expo World Congress?

Smart City Expo World Congress is the world fair where projects are exhibited based around how technology is changing the day to day life of citizens.

This will be its seventh edition, a new display that attracts the main national and international representatives, researchers, academics, investors and corporations from the new technology sector.

The event brings to light challenges that should be addressed by all citizens. Together we should tackle these relevant topics such as population growth, climate change, road congestion and contamination caused by traffic and many other serious problems which we are already suffering from today.

Technology is developing at a fast rate and that allows us to access places or to act in a way that before we could not even imagine possible. But that is why active participation and the control of decisions is so important.

Smart City Expo World Congress promises to drive the implementation and the following of all of these objectives that the cities propose in order to solve conflicts. They want to show us that citizens have a lot more power than what they believe they do.

The event wants to increase the unity of the citizens promoting urban power. During these days all of the investigations carried out will come together and improve its practices, also, creating common solutions. This will be the meeting point for politicians, businesses, businessmen and research centres. Are you going to miss out?




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