Museums in Barcelona that you can’t miss out on: feel the art close by to our Boutique Hotel

Barcelona has a vast cultural heritage. The city has an ample selection of museums to visit. Visiting museums is a very interesting way to get to know the history and culture of the city. At Well and Come we want to show you the five most important museums, those which you cannot miss if you visit the city.


Museo Picasso of Barcelona

If you like the famous Picasso, without a doubt this is your ideal museum in Barcelona. This museum reveals the connection between the artist and Barcelona during his life. All of his pieces are chronologically ordered and there are around 4.200 permanent pieces. Every Thursday there is free entry between 18:00 and 21:30. The Picasso museum is one of Barcelona’s most visited museums.


Museo de Historia of Barcelona

The Museo de Historia of Barcelona is the best way to get to know the history in great depth of the city from its founding up until now. It has various secondary buildings spread across the city, the main building can be found in the plaza del Rey.


Museo Nacional de Arte of Catalunia

Located in the national palace, inside the Montjuïc Mountain this building was created for the International Exhibition of 1929. This museum in Barcelona has every artistic aspect: paintings, photography, sculptures, posters and much more. It is an excellent option to get to know the works of the romantic period up until the 20th century. Also, the impressive views from the museum will marvel you. The entry is free on Saturdays in the afternoon from 15:00 and the first Sunday of every month.




Joan Miró foundation

This art foundation in Barcelona was created by the artist himself with the idea to drive studies and investigations about contemporary art. The foundation has more than 14.000 contemporary works which you could enjoy during a visit. It is a unique space to get to know in depth the works of the famous Catalonian painter.


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Barcelona

This modern arts museum in Barcelona is an international reference for contemporary art. It has on display more than 5.000 works created towards the end of the 20th century. It is located in a large avant-garde style building in the Plaza dels Àngels. The display areas are very large, white and filled with light. It is one of the most visited museums of the city and is well known for its minimal and abstract art.


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Disfruta del arte barcelonés cerca de tu Hotel Boutique en Barcelona

All of these museums are within your reach if you stay at our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona. Your central location will allow you to access with easy all of the museums we have shown you in this blog entry. Also, you could enjoy a stroll through one of the most charming areas in Catalonian capital city.