Celebrations of la Mercè of Barcelona 2017

Coming soon is the most anticipated festival by the Barcelonan citizens: La Mercè. It is the main festival of the Condal City which is celebrated every year around the 24th of September. It is a festival of festivals which spans across a week at different points of the city and centres around two million Barcelonans and visitors.

This year in 2017, Barcelona has programmed to celebrate the festival between the 22nd and the 25th of September. During these days the streets will fill with music, art, spectacles and much more; all in honour of the patron saint of the city, la Mare de Déu de la Mercè.




The tradition and history regarding La Mercè

La Mercè has been Barcelona’s main festival since 1871. Tradition is one of the main pillars of this festival. Each year elements are renewed in a contemporary fashion which contribute to try and represent a folkloric Barcelona of today.

The traditional activities which are celebrated at La Mercè reflect the pop culture of Cataluña. The “toc d’inici”, which kicks off the celebrations, “els gegants”, a giant’s parade, or “els castellers”, the human towers which are constructed to look like castles, are some of the spectacles which reflect the identity and tradition of these celebrations.

Within each one of these activities around 600.000 people get together, which converts La Mercè in to one of the popular and most visited festivals of Europe.


A great free event in Barcelona

The celebrations of La Mercè are summarised as something artistic, festive, traditional, musical, participatory, popular and free. For all of those who have not discovered this festival we recommend that you don’t miss out on this spectacle.

La Mercè is free and there’s something for everyone. The main festival proposes, on one side, an artistic programme that presents street theatre and, on another side a night set up, where you could enjoy scenes of fire, light, looks and technology.

The celebrations of La Mercè are made up of local and international artists of different fields and with performances that are carried out in the streets, in public spaces and in the open air.

Don’t miss out on the programme of La Mercè 2017 where you will find everything to do with the great festival.




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