Discover your Boutique Hotel Well And Come in Barcelona from another perspective

Did you know that in Barcelona you can eat and drink whilst being conscious of the environment? The city is full of bars, restaurants and ecological markets. In recent years they have been increasing the bikefriendly stores, with which you won’t have a single problem getting around the city and without needing to use transport that contaminates the environment.

At Well And Come we want to show you how to get the most out of an eco-holiday in Barcelona.


Eco Restaurants in Barcelona

In the Hotel Well And Come we have joined the eco line. That is why, we are going to recommend two ecological restaurants in Barcelona. We know that the city has a reputation for a past pace and to never stop, that is why we want to show you two restaurants that offer fast food that’s eco-friendly and healthy.

Firstly, we will mention Green Shots, it is a food take away store. They pride themselves on their food which is created with ecological ingredients and offer detox juices. Also, they pay attention to the small details such as ensuring that the packaging is biodegradable. This option can be found close to your Boutique Hotel in Barcelona.

Secondly, the restaurant Organic’s. They offer the possibility to design your very own dish under the concept “slow fast food”. It is all about simple dishes created with organic products that are available to take away. It is located right in the centre and is very easy to find.




Bikefriendly shops to get around Barcelona from our Boutique Hotel by bike

This trend has continued to become even more popular in recent years. Today, you can find many stores of this type. You now don’t need to worry thinking you have left your bike alone and defenceless. A store where you can enter with your bike is The Bike Club Barcelona. This way you don’t have the worry of having left your bike parked up in an unsafe place because you can take it with you at all times.

Another central option is The SweetOphelia Coff, a store where bikes are welcome and, also, they have available a parking area so that you can park your bike inside the premises.

Without a doubt two very feasible options to be able to get around the city by bike and without worry.


Well And Come: a more comfortable option in Barcelona

To continue the trend of healthy and ecological food in a more comfortable way, your Boutique Hotel en Barcelona offers a variety of possibilities. In the hotel restaurant you can find the freshest and most seasonal dishes without having to move.




Our rooftop in Barcelona: enjoy the benefits of the new vertical garden

At the Boutique Hotel Barcelona we have available a splendid rooftop terrace situated on the rooftop. Our clients can relax there after a tiring day of visiting the city that never sleeps.

During the summer, Barcelona has a magnificent climate which will make you want to take in a dip in our LED pool which has views towards the Tibidabo.

On the rooftop of the hotel we have a new addition: a vertical garden.

Now you can enjoy a natural and pleasing environment breathing the purest and freshest air. Come to our rooftop and experience the benefits that come with a vertical garden!

The creator of the vertical garden is the company Verdtical, where they are experts in the designing of vertical gardens. Verdticals mission is to improve the environment, to improve the air quality in the cities and the quality of life of our surroundings.

At Well And Come we worry about the well-being of our clients that is why we have trusted the best to improve even further the environment of our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona.


Vive la experiencia eco y disfruta del jardín vertical en nuestro hotel Boutique en Barcelona

No hay mejor ciudad que Barcelona para poder disfrutar de todos estos placeres ecológicos. Sigue tu día eco en el rooftop de tu hotel favorito, donde el jardín vertical te proporcionará respirar un aire purificado, una mejor eficacia térmica y buen ambiente.

¡Reserva cuanto antes y disfruta de tus vacaciones eco!