Fall in love with Sant Jordi at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Catalonia is a community with a very important cultural and historical identity. Amongst other unusual features of its idiosyncrasy, you will notice that Valentine’s Day is not celebrated here much like how it is in the rest of Spain and Anglo-Saxon countries. The day of Sant Jordi, for many Catalonians, is one of the biggest events of the year. Would you like to know what the Catalonian legend says about Sant Jordi and what this romantic day is like in Barcelona? Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, will be giving you all the information on this event and much more in this blog article.


Love and literature

Love is interlinked with literature. In Catalonia, for over 100 years the 23rd of April has been known for having books as this day’s main star. Thousands of book stalls fill the busiest pedestrianised streets. La Rambla and the paseo de Gràcia will be the main areas hosting this event, but you will also find them around the squares and streets of their outskirts and the most visited areas in the district. During the day, readers can make the most of buying the latest literature or to exchange thoughts on the books with the writers, who are often invited to the stalls to sign the book and to recite sections of their works, amongst other promotional tasks.  


The legend of Jordi the knight

The legends in Catalonia explain that in the town of Montblanc there was a feared dragon who terrorised the inhabitants and who fed off the farm animals. In order to try and defeat it, an inhabitant was always chosen at random in a draw to face the dreaded monster, however they were always devoured by it. During one of the draws, the king’s daughter was selected. Just before being eaten, Jordi the knight rushed to her side and slayed the dragon. The old tales say that with the spilled blood of the beast a red rosebush emerged. Jordi picked the most beautiful rose from the bush and gave it to the princess.

The rose: an iconic symbol of Sant Jordi

The red rose is another key element of the Day of Sant Jordi. The flower symbolises love and traditionally, it is given to your loved one. On this day, Barcelona trades 40% of its yearly rose sales. Without a doubt, a very beautiful and unusual setting. Those who receive the rose, reciprocate their gift by giving a book to their partner. This event is celebrated on the 23rd of April because it coincides with the death of the knight and the deaths of literature icons like Cervantes and Shakespeare.

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