Live la Mercè at Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona

The end of the summer is one of the most important and emotional times of year for the residents of Barcelona. The cosmopolitan Condal City prepares for its biggest celebration. The Fiesta Mayor of Barcelona, or as its better known the Fiesta de la Mercè, is celebrated during a time of year in which the heat ceases fire a little and its streets fill with cultural activities. At Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, we want to explain to you what happens during this celebration and why it is a good idea to stay with us during these dates.


What is la Mercè?

For those who are not aware of what happens during the Fiesta de la Mercè, we will be telling you all about it in continuation…It is celebrated every year as a commemoration to the patron saint of Barcelona, the Virgen de la Merced or Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, during the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th of September. The Catalonian city fills with various activities along its historic streets. The art, the revelry and the music are the undoubtable main stars during these days of celebration which this year promises an unforgettable edition. This celebration has reached high levels of popularity due to the involvement of neighbours and associations and entities from different sectors of civil society.


Discover Catalonian culture from our boutique hotel in Barcelona

At Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, we believe that la Mercè is a fantastic opportunity to discover the culture and traditions of our city through this cosmopolitan and fun celebration. You can enjoy first-hand the beginning of the “Sardana” dancing, the “castellers” trying to touch the sky with their human towers, the devils of the Camp de Tarragona running through the streets surrounded by fire and pyrotechnics, and you can’t forget about the parades and the traditional Catalonian dancing.




Art, music and theatre nearby to our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Another main focus point is the great musical offering which deploys an important versatility in regards to style and genre in the Parc del Fòrum, the plaza Reial, the plaza de Catalunya, the plaza dels Àngels and the old Damn factory and other corners of the city. The theatre also heads to the streets of Barcelona, and this celebration is characterised by a mass of cultural activities for all the public to enjoy and at any time. Artists such as Antonio Carmona, Manel, Txarango, Leiva, Sopa de Cabra and La Casa Azul will be in charge of providing this year’s music.


Lisbon, the guest of honour for this edition

Like every year, la Mercè welcomes an invited city. This year Lisbon is the star guest and the centre of many of the programmed activities. From the organisation of la Mercè it has been mentioned how this Portuguese capital intensely lives the culture of the districts and becomes an ideal place for if its citizens want to live in a dynamic city.


Stay at our boutique hotel in Barcelona and live la Mercè

Many of the activities of the Fiesta de la Mercè take place nearby to Well and Come, which is why we want to encourage you to reserve one of our rooms at our boutique hotel in Barcelona and be near to this interesting annual celebration. Our strategic locationconnects us with the points of interest of la Mercè in an efficient way and means that we start and end the day in an unbeatable way on our rooftop terrace with views towards the Tibidabo. Don’t hesitate and contact us. You won’t regret it!