Stay at our boutique hotel during the ICBEFR Barcelona 2018 conference

Barcelona’s offering of research and development has made it a point of interest for international organisations with the aim of celebrating within it its conferences and events. This year it is the 20th edition of the main international conference for research in the economic field: the International Conference of Business, Economy and Finances, (ICBEFR). The Condal will be a destination for researchers and academics who will present their projects in front of thousands of guests. If you are looking for a place to stay that is tranquil and has all of the amenities, Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, offers a stay like no other in a privileged location.


What is the ICBEFR?

The International Conference for Business, Economics and Finance (known as ICBEFR) has as an objective to unite academics, researchers and renowned scientists with the end goal of exchanging and sharing their experiences and conclusions in the fields of business research, economy and finance. It also serves as a platform for these researchers to present and analyse innovations, trends and current worries on a first level interdisciplinary platform. The days are intense and worthwhile, all of the guests reach the end of the day being very tired and drained. That is why, at Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, we guarantee a relaxation experience like no other on our rooftop with views of the Tibidabo or with a glass of something in one of our rooms.




An opportunity to share knowledge

The ICBEFR Barcelona 2018 is framed by a conglomeration of conferences organised by the International Conference of Investigation, a federated international organisation which is dedicated to bringing together a number of important academic events which put forward the exhibition of investigative projects. The events of the conference take place one after another depending on the number and the duration of the presentations. An experience like no other to share knowledge and show findings. The ICBEFR 2018 is also associated with the very special magazine Special Journal Issue on Business, Economics and Finance Research. During the day various high impact text articles are selected for this very special edition. All of those who will be presenting will have the opportunity to be considered for this marvellous sharing opportunity.


End or begin your day at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, strongly supports the investigation and the sharing of knowledge. That is why, we believe that events such as the ICBEFR enhance the international perception of Barcelona and make this city a place of interest. This is why we offer a first class stay. Our boutique hotel in Barcelona leads with a professional service that only multiplies your experience in the city. We want to encourage all those who will be attending to the conference to either end their day or start it off right at our boutique hotel in Barcelona. We have an exclusive rooftop with views of the city and maximum comfort in our rooms. Also, the hotel offers an excellent network of transport, whether it be on the metro or by taxi. Reserve your room now online and enjoy up to 50% off on packs and breakfasts!