Enjoy the best cocktails in your boutique hotel in Barcelona

Are you looking to relax, and forget about your problems over the next few days? Do you fancy a fun and colourful getaway, where you can find out about all that Barcelona has to offer? Where you can share a table and have a good time full of laughter, with your preferred music and the finest selection of drinks? To be pampered by us to your liking, what more can we offer you? Our city is known for having many places to hang out, where one can spend long hours and quench one’s thirst. But if you are looking for the best place of all, with character, where you will feel at home and can enjoy the best views of the city, come to the rooftop terrace of our boutique hotel in Barcelona, and enjoy life to the full.

Sipping signature cocktails by the best rooftop pool in Barcelona

Negroni, Daiquiri, Whisky Sour, Gimlet or Manhattan: hipsters and mainstreamers gather at our rooftop pool to try out our latest cocktail recipes… which makes us wonder: how many amazing stories have started here, over drinks?

Who doesn’t want to try a cocktail with an unexpected twist? Yet no one forgets how much we used to like the “classics”, which have left their mark on times gone by, such as: Beetlejuice, DeLorean, Han Solo, Miyagi San, Flashdance, Rocky Balboa and Sarah Connor. Surprisingly, the stimulating effect of many of these cocktails was never really intended, but rather the result of luck.

“Signature” cocktails are those for the preparation of which new cooking techniques are applied, and liquors and distillates are modified, to create new flavours. They are especially attractive for people who don’t want to limit themselves to “normal” cocktails, and who are looking for new sensations to complement a fabulous visit to our city.

The ingredients imported from the most remote places, together with the savoir-faire of our bartenders, augur creative mixtures that will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding connoisseurs. Being both creators and expert advisors, our team will delight you with delicious cocktails, full of colour, originality and flavour.

Private events with you in mind

The sun terrace of Well & Come is a magical place, overlooking Tibidabo, located on the very roof of the building that houses our hotel. It’s a picture-perfect space, with cozy sofas and comfortable sun loungers, in which to bask in the sun, and indulge in the beautiful Mediterranean nights. A perfect atmosphere to relax, read, listen to music or have a good cocktail prepared by our team. Don’t miss out on a city break full of surprises!


Book your room in our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Make a booking now, and set the dates for your next visit to our boutique hotel in Barcelona, where you will discover our fabulous rooftop pool! The bar service is excellent, with a wide range of drinks, and the best background music. Come and live your own special story in Barcelona, one that is worthy of a good toast!