24 hours in Barcelona, a trip that starts and ends at your boutique hotel Well and Come

Barcelona is one of those cities that leave everyone wanting more. Cosmopolitan, multicultural, open to the world and with a gastronomic offering, its culture and hospitality make it worthy to be one of the best cities in the world. Amongst its octagonal buildings you will find the modernism of Gaudí, the history of the Catedral del Mar and the breeze of the Barceloneta. Although it may seem a lie, with the right attitude and enthusiasm it is possible to ambitiously see the city in only one day. That’s why, you have to be full of energy before the expedition and you have to recharge afterwards, of course. There a very few places where you can do this better, at Well and Come the 4 star Boutique Hotel which was created at the start of 2016 in the centre of Barcelona is where you will find it all: elegant décor, exclusive customer service, every last detail taken care of and a privileged location. Would you like to spend a whole day covering Barcelona?


Start the day strong

Starting the day strong is important. The starting point is clear: the exclusive breakfast area at Hotel Well and Come. Those who get up early can make the most the day and enjoy the unmistakable smell of freshly baked bread which is served alongside our continental breakfast, which starts at 7:30 (8 am on weekends).

Once we have departed through the stunning entrance at Well and Come, we head towards the Passeig de Sant Joan and we begin to stretch our legs ready for a long day. Following the route and without getting lost, we arrive in less than ten minutes at one of the most critically acclaimed monuments on planet earth: the Sagrada Familia. Gaudí’s masterpiece and the centre of the Condal City. As the sun rises, you observe the details and secrets that this monumental construction hides in an intelligently awakening and activating manner.


Modern Barcelona

After discovering the grandeur of the Sagrada Familia, we can get the first metro of the day and head to the Plaza Catalunya, the epicentre of our adventure. Once there, we head to the Paseo de Gràcia to observe another modern attraction. On this walk even the street lights are modern! Along the journey we find ourselves at four main destinations: la Casa Lleó i Morera, la Casa Amatller, la Casa Batlló and the famous Pedrera. Obligatory photo and contemplation opportunities. Making the most of our walk through the area, we can stop and have lunch in one of the many hidden gems located to the sides of the walk. For when we start to get a little peckish and the continental breakfast has worn off.

Returning to Plaza Catalunya, we continue our trail through La Rambla, one of the most visited streets in the city, we will find an endless amount of streets which you could spend days and days exploring. On this occasion, we head to the Mercat de la Boqueria, where we can enjoy one of the most emblematic establishments of the city where you can also savour a refreshing fruit juice which will give us the vitamin boost we need to carry on.


The gothic district of Barcelona and its magical streets

After beginning to understand how Barcelona works and appreciate everything that makes it unique, we head away from La Rambla via the calle de Ferran to enter in to the gothic district, where you will find attractions such as the Plaza San Jaime, Barcelona cathedral and the churches of Santa Maria del Pi or Sant Felip Neri. If you have time, its worthwhile roaming its streets, as they have a distinctively unique charm about them.

If we cross through the gothic district we will see the sea. And also Barceloneta is also one of the most iconic spots in Barcelona. Its district and its beach are ideal places to be this time of year, in which the sun starts to shine and the sea breeze helps to settle the temperature. Ending one part of the day sat on the sea’s edge is a comforting and motivating way to tackle the final stretch of a magical day.


End the day at your boutique hotel

The sun is now not radiating so much heat and it’s time to head back to where we started our trip. We catch the metro at the Barceloneta stop and return to the Verdaguer stop in order to find calle Girona. At Hotel Well and Come they will be waiting for you with a cocktail on the exclusive rooftop. It’s the time to relax, freshen up and chat about the goings on of that day whilst taking a look at the photos from the day. The service and comfort offered make recovering from those kilometres travelled much easier. Whilst in the room, which has wooden flooring and LED A+ lighting, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we can say goodbye to one of those days that you won’t forget as the years go by. Don’t hesitate any longer, you can reserve your room directly on our website!