Do you want to enjoy the Game of Thrones experience in Barcelona?

It is one of the most charming cities in the whole of Spain. Barcelona, ranked as one of the most attractive destinations by tourists from across the globe, it has a limitless cultural offer.

The city, which has become a complete cinema and leisure icon, is capable of acting as a link between a high class hotel offer and one of the most eagerly anticipated series in the world. We’re talking about Game of Thrones, one of the most viewed series on the planet which has arrived in the Condal City for the enjoyment of all of its visitors. At our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona, Well and Come, you can discover this exceptional exhibit whilst staying in one of the best hotels in the city. Would you like to know more about this long awaited exhibition?


The Hotel Well and Come updates its commitment to culture

Due to its geographical enclave, the Hotel Well and Come is one of the best options for enjoying a cultural experience that compares to no other in the world. Located only 15 minutes from the Game of Thrones exhibition, you can witness the recreation of some of the most iconic moments which have occurred in the series in recent years.

The Condal City is one of the most active cities in terms of cinema, music and on the whole, culture. A good example of this is found in this tribute to this coveted series. In the centre of the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, you will be delighted by a space measuring more than 1000 metres squared, where you can see a luxury spectacle featuring the costumes, weapons and decoration which characterise this series.

Without a doubt one of the most impressive features of the exposition is the quantity of original accessories which are on display. Thanks to the dedication of the organisers, we can see with our very own eyes some of the original garments worn by Jon Snow and Arya Stark amongst other characters.

The exhibition is being held months before the long awaited and final series of the show is due to air in April.


Enjoy your stay in Barcelona with the most exclusive accommodation

Since 2016, this hotel in Barcelona has continuously elevated the experience of guests visiting the Condal City to a superior level. Swimming pool, solarium and many other comforts come together in an enclave in which elegance, class and the true personality of the hotel speak for themselves.

With a total of 44 rooms, in which luxury and exclusivity are the focal points, we find ourselves before one of the Boutique Hotels in Barcelona with the most charm in the Condal City.

As well as the Game of Thrones exhibition, due to its close proximity, we want to tempt you with some sightseeing ideas in the city of Barcelona, such as La Pedrera, the Casa Batlló or the Sagrada Familia.

Let yourself fall in love with this Boutique Hotel in Barcelona and immerse yourself in a city which has no limits to how much you can enjoy yourself. What are you waiting for? We are here waiting for you at Hotel Well and Come!