Our boutique hotel in Barcelona will be giving you all the details of the Three Kings parade

The most magical night of the year is the 5th of January, especially for the little ones of the family, as it is when the Three Kings arrive: The majestic kings Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar.

We want to tell you all about the arrival of the Magic Kings and the grand parade, which is held every year in Barcelona, where you will also find Well&Come, our boutique hotel.


Who are the Three Magic Kings?

With this celebration comes a tradition in which as Christmas approaches, children across the country write a letter to the Three Magic Kings. A time of excitement and fantasy for the little ones in the family. In the letter the children describe how they have behaved over the year and ask for the gifts that they would like to receive on the 6th of January.

Each child can choose the format and mode of delivery that they want, of course with the help of the adults. After this, they must wait for a visit from the magic kings to deliver their presents on the night of the 5th to the 6th of January. At Well&Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona we recommend that all families leave something to eat and drink for the kings and their camels to enjoy.


Boutique Hotel in Barcelona: sending a letter to the Magic Kings

The first parade in Spain was held in 1866 in Alcoy, Alicante and after then this tradition spread across the whole country. In Barcelona, where you will find Well&Come, our boutique hotel, every year there is a big parade which passes through the main streets of the Condal City.


Experience the Three Kings parade with our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Accompanied by their staff and helpers, the Three Magic Kings parade on big floats through the city throwing sweets to all the children, representing the journey which they travelled to Bethlehem. A truly exciting moment for the children as the fantasy fills in their eyes!

At our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we want to show you the route for the 2020 parade so that you can follow it at your own pace, at the time you want and in the spot you choose. Also, we are located next to the Verdaguer metro, only a 20-minute walk or 10 minute metro ride from the Plaça Catalunya where the Three Kings parade will make a big stop.


Discover more about the ‘Roscón de Reyes’

During any traditional celebration gastronomy plays a big role. Food brings together families and friends all around one big table to celebrate and enjoy themselves. On the 6th of January after receiving gifts from the Three Kings, it is tradition to eat the famous Roscón de Reyes.

It is a toroid-shaped bun, decorated with slices of candied or glazed fruit. It can be filled with cream, custard, chocolate or truffle. We highly recommend trying the ‘roscón’ if you haven’t before, so that you can have the full experience during the Three Kings celebration in our city.


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We hope that we have given you all the information you need and kept you entertained for a little while. Now you know exactly how to start your 2020! At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we want to offer you the best quality and comfort for your stay during these dates.

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