Enjoy the celebrations of Sant Joan at your Boutique Hotel in Barcelona

Sant Joan is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited fiestas of the year. Whether it be for its pagan origin or for its Mediterranean DNA, what we do know is that very few people will be spending the night at home. So, if you want to get to know the popular traditions that are going to take place during these days, stay at our boutique hotel in Barcelona and make the most of this experience.


The Llama del Canigó and its short history

The city of Barcelona offers an endless number of possibilities to enjoy an unforgettable night during Sant Joan, but at Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we offer the opportunity to experience up close and personal the most popular traditions in the city. We begin with the Llama del Canigó, and although the celebration of Sant Joan is very old and so is the tradition of scaring away the bad spirits, the tradition of celebrating the Llama del Canigó was only established in 1955. From then, every 22nd of June at midnight the flame that burns uninterruptedly in the Perpinyà museum is carried to the top of the Canigó. And from here hundreds of entities and collections of people take it to their respective municipalities.


A magical night of bonfires in Barcelona from our rooftop in Barcelona

The Llama del Canigó arrives in Barcelona in the middle of the afternoon on the 23rd of June, more specifically to the plaza de Sant Jaume, where the Águila (the eagle) and the Giants of the city receive the flame to then head out to the different districts and areas of the city. Legend says that the call will set alight the hundreds of bonfires set up across the city which bring together neighbours, friends and families to share laughter, correfocs, firecrackers, dances, music and the typical gastronomy on offer during these dates.


Coca de Sant Joan, the typical dessert for the celebrations of Sant Joan

Equally as important as the bonfires and the firecrackers is the Coca de Sant Joan. This is a type of delicious sweet pastry that can be made with different ingredients: fruit, cream, greaves, pine nuts and is always accompanied by a glass of cava or muscatel. Take a piece of this delicious treat and head to any of the districts in Barcelona and enjoy the night until the sun rises after spending the day enjoying our charming hotel in Barcelona.


Our tips for enjoying Sant Joan on the beach in Barcelona

If you would like to celebrate the night of Sant Joan in Barcelona your own way, it is worthwhile having something organised in the back of your mind. If you prefer to enjoy a picnic on the beach, we recommend getting there early, as even in the early afternoon, the beach fills with families and children who want to celebrate the fun atmosphere on the beaches in Barcelona, so at Well & Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, we recommend getting to the beach at around 8pm to find a space and enjoy the fiesta with complete ease.

If you prefer more of a party atmosphere, there is no better option than to head to some of the beach bars in Barcelona, as most of the beach bars in the city have licenses for late night music and will also be offering food and drink.


Reserve your room at our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona

Have you already got an idea of how you’re going to celebrate Sant Joan in the city of Barcelona? Without a doubt this is a great way to immerse yourself in the city’s cultures and traditions. Which is why at Well & Come, we want to offer you the best quality and comfort for your accommodation during these days. Due to this, we advise that you reserve a room at our hotel in the centre of Barcelona and celebrate the night of Sant Joan in an unforgettable way. We will be waiting for you!