The Well & Come Boutique Hotel in Barcelona reports on famous stories inspired by the city

In this month’s blog of our boutique hotel, we present a list of interesting films and novels that are related to Barcelona. When spending a few profitable days among friends, or when you visit the Sagrada Familia, after reading this post, you will surely see the Catalan capital with different eyes!

The best films about Barcelona

Let’s start with some feature films in which the city of our Boutique Hotel is the stage, or plays the leading role: The first is a Spanish film from 2017, directed by Ramón Salazar with Bárbara Lennie and Susi Sánchez as main actors: “La enfermedad del domingo” (Sunday’s Illness). It tells the story of Anabel, the mother, who receives an unexpected visit from Chiara, her daughter, whom she abandoned more than 30 years ago, asking her to spend 10 days together.

“Profesione: reporter” (The Passenger), from 1975, is an Italian film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, starring Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider, and a true masterpiece. Part of the story unfolds in the setting of La Pedrera (Casa Milà) and other emblematic corners of the city. Almost like an ode to the genius of Gaudí, his works gain prominence in the film, until they become just another character. The roof terrace of La Pedrera, the last house built by the brilliant Catalan architect, has been used as a set in other film productions, such as: Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (2008), and Susan Seidelman’s “Gaudi Afternoon” (2001).

“L’auberge espagnole” (The Spanish Apartment), a 2002 film by Cédric Klapisch, is another clear example that shows that many directors think of our city as the perfect setting for their films. It’s a playful comedy about the experiences of several Erasmus students. The chronicles of their lives, and the cultural differences that lead to many hilarious misunderstandings, are set in some of the most charming corners of Barcelona.

Novels in which Barcelona is part of the plot

In one of our last posts, we talked about Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s literary passion for Barcelona, and how his novels have encouraged readers around the world to get to know the city. Today we want to talk about some other great novels taking place in Barcelona.

If you are passionate about reading, and have had a look at our summary of the Sant Jordi festival, which this year was exceptionally held in June, you will know that there are many tales and writers that focus on the streets of Barcelona. Some stories talk about the post-war period, such as “La plaça del Diamant” (The Time of the Doves), Mercè Rodoreda’s most popular novel of 1962.  Translated into more than 40 languages, this story made its way to the cinema and theatre on several occasions.

Other authors are more inclined towards comedy, like Eduardo Mendoza, who takes his readers for a walk along the Paseo de Gracia and the Diagonal in an attempt to provoke a sincere smile. We can discover the author’s special connection with Barcelona in “No Word from Gurb“, and above all in “The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt“. Of this novel, from 1978, complicated, with an unusual hero, the author said that it was his favourite, and it must be true for the story wanders all over Barcelona!

Book your room in our boutique hotel in Barcelona

If after reading or watching some of these masterpieces, you feel the urge to discover this fabulous city, do not hesitate to book your room in our Well & Come Boutique Hotel in Barcelona. We want to turn your stay in Barcelona into an unforgettable experience, worthy of inspiring new stories.

Well & Come boutique hotel in Barcelona, accommodation committed to protecting the environment

Our boutique hotel in Barcelona continues to support sustainability and to care for the environment, we are doing our part to try to improve our surrounding.

In order to try and make a difference, since the start of 2020 we have swapped plastic bottles for reusable glass bottles with pure, filtered and sustainable water.

With this action we have created a goal for ourselves to reduce our consumption of PET plastic by 190 kg per year. By doing this we can make a change and do our small part to help our planet.

The strategy is to eliminate products which use single use plastic and replace them with other biodegradable or compostable materials is linked with institutional efforts to fight climate change and the polluting of our coastlines, seas and it is now in force.


Aguakmcero, a sustainable brand which is committed to helping the environment

Aguakmcero produce exclusive reusable glass bottles, which respect their contents and don’t generate waste with every use. Made with glass, because it is 100% inert, this means that no toxic chemical can pass into the water. Also, glass is a material which encompasses the organoleptic properties and freshness of Aguakmcero. Thanks to Aguakmcero we can enjoy the highest quality water and from any location.


Reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Barcelona and you can benefit from the exclusive discounts which we offer by reserving directly on our website: 50% off breakfast, free minibar, late check out and a free upgrade (subject to availability). We have everything to ensure that your stay in Barcelona be unforgettable, comfortable and most importantly sustainable.

Our boutique hotel in Barcelona will be explaining how to spend Christmas in the Condal City

The time of year when the streets are dressed in coloured lights has arrived. In the special corners of Barcelona, where you will find Well&Come, our boutique hotel, you will find trees decorated with stars, baubles and decorations…The time of year when walking through the city in the cold is actually quite pleasant. Yes, it’s time for Christmas.

At our boutique hotel in Barcelona we wanted to tell you in this blog all the things, traditions and places where it is essential to spend at least a few minutes, to say that you have lived an authentic Barcelonan Christmas and don’t miss any of the Christmas fun in the Condal City.


What can Well&Come recommend for you?

It is not worth spending this festivity in the city and not having gone to a traditional Christmas market. In Barcelona there are many themed markets during this time of year where you can enjoy a festive and magical atmosphere and where you can also buy all kinds of decorations for your tree. The best market is the Fira de Santa Llúcia and also the oldest in the city, located on the Avenida de la Cathedral. Another traditional market is the Sagrada Familia Market where you can enjoy the atmosphere alongside Gaudí’s famous basilica, located only 10 minutes on foot from our boutique hotel in Barcelona.

One of the most common destinations to visit in Barcelona, where you will find Well&Come, our boutique hotel, is the Tibidabo park. This emblematic amusement park also dresses up at Christmas offering shows and activities for all the family during the festivities.

The Poble Espanyol becomes an incredible Christmas scene. There is a big Christmas market magnificently decorated offering traditional gastronomy and crafts and filled with children’s activities. What’s most visited is Father Christmas’ House and the Three Wise Men from the East.

A fun and entertaining plan for the whole family is…taking a stroll! Enjoying a cold, but very magical stroll under the lights and all the Christmas decorations is a tempting plan for everyone. The Christmas spirit and its welcoming atmosphere can be felt in the streets.

And after a wander around you want to get the cold off your backs, Well&Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, recommends one of our favourite past times, going for churros and hot chocolate. A classic which must be enjoyed at the Granja Viader, el Dulcinea or el Petrixol.


Essential Catalonian traditions to celebrate at Christmas

What most characterises each place in the world is its culture and traditions. We want to tell you about the most outstanding traditions in the Condal City to celebrate during this time.

  • In every nativity scene in Catalonia it is essential to have a Caganer. It is a symbol of good luck; his faeces fertilises the land and in turn that brings luck for the upcoming year.
  • As we have mentioned above, and as happens in many other regions, the “firas de Navidad” are perfect to visit for buying everything to do with the festivities.
  • The Tió de Nadal is a magical trunk that days before Christmas Eve knocks at the doors to ask for shelter. It must be covered with a blanket so that it does not get cold and you must feed it until the 24th, the moment when he shows his thanks by “defecating” sweets and gifts.
  • The 26th of December is the celebration of Saint Steven in Catalunya, it is typical during this day to eat homemade cannelloni made from leftovers from the previous days.
  • L’Home dels Nassos is a mythical character who is very famous for his big nose and who only appears the 31st of December. Something to amuse the little ones.


The map of Christmas in Barcelona

On the website for the Barcelona town hall you will find a section relating to everything surrounding Christmas and also at the bottom you will find the Christmas Map.

It is a map of the city with the most important places to visit with the time marked with icons. The map shows where to find the most impressive nativities, Christmas markets, where to find the “Tió gigante”, everything to do with Christmas at the Plaza Catalunya and everything relating to the Three Wise Men of the East and where the bells for New Year’s Eve will ring.


Reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Have you already decided how you are going to spend Christmas? It is undoubtedly a great way to experience the culture and traditions of Barcelona. At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we want to offer you the best quality accommodation and comfort during these dates.

By reserving directly on our website, you will receive exclusive benefits, such as 50% off breakfast, free Nespresso capsules, free minibar and late check out (subject to availability). Don’t think about it any longer and experience Christmas with us!

Our boutique hotel in Barcelona and el clásico: FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid CF

At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we can’t wait for the arrival of the 18th of December, at exactly 9pm, when this season’s most eagerly awaited match will be taking place at the Camp Nou: el clásico.

We love it when a match is held at the Camp Nou because its fills the streets of the city with a fun and lively atmosphere. And, most of all on this occasion, it will be the match of the season! Keep reading to know more.


Live the match with our boutique hotel in Barcelona

True football lovers won’t want to miss a single minute of the match on their screens at home or on the bar screens. Loyal followers will be at the stadium to see the awaited battle.

Going to the match at the Camp Nou is living the full experience. At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we know that one of the best moments that football lovers can’t wait for is the time just before the match. When all the fans celebrate the game, the euphoria and excitement breathed in the air is so unique and impossible to recreate. Watching it from a screen doesn’t quite have the same effect.


How to get to Camp Nou on the big day?

At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we recommend leaving a little early, as we can guarantee that there will be a mass of people at the stadium.

To avoid the traffic, the easiest way to arrive is by public transport. By metro, the most popular stops to Access the Camp Nou are: Palau Reial for entrances 1 to 10; Collblanc for entrances 11 to 16; Badal for entrances 17 to 18; and Les Corts for entrances 19 to 21.

By bus you can access it on the lines: D20, H6, H8, 7, 33, 54, 56, 57, 59, 63, 67, 68, 70, 75, 78, 113, 157 and L12. And by tram you can get there with the T1, T2 and T3, which begin at the plaza Francesc Maciá, to the stops Pío XII or Avinguda de Xile.

At our boutique hotel in Barcelona we don’t recommend going in your own car because due to all the traffic that will be around it will be impossible to find anywhere to park near to the stadium.


Reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

For all those who come to our city to not miss even a single second of the match, after a day of being completely dedicated to the match, you can enjoy a much-needed moment of relaxation and recuperation on our rooftop in Barcelona.

Also, our boutique hotel in Barcelona is in the centre of Barcelona and you can directly access the stadium on the line 5 metro, getting off at the Collblanc stop.

Once back at the hotel, you can enjoy a relaxing dip in the rooftop swimming pool in Barcelona at our hotel, along with some breath-taking views and to continue enjoying the atmosphere from the very top.

When reserving directly on our website, you will also receive benefits for direct reservations, such as 50% off breakfast, free Nespresso capsules, free minibar and late check out (subject to availability). Don’t think about it any longer and reserve your room now!

Cava, a classic beverage which you can enjoy on our rooftop in Barcelona

At Well and Come, our boutique hotel in Barcelona, we are so thankful to be located in such a beautiful city. We are surrounded by a rich culture and heritage and we get to enjoy it every single day. In this blog article we want to share with you more about the origins of one of our favourite Catalonian products and the best way to enjoy it! Are you intrigued? Keep reading for more information!


An authentic Catalonian product at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Cava is a beverage which is enjoyed not just by Spanish residents, but by a multitude of people from across the world. Did you know that this well-loved product was invented in Catalonia, the home of our boutique hotel in Barcelona? It was first produced in the 1870’s by Josep Raventós, who formulated the product after returning to Catalonia from a trip to one of the largest wine making countries in the world, France. Cava is a very delicate and balanced blend of the grape varieties Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel·lo.

For a very long time this sparkling wine was classified as “Champaña” until the 1970’s when authorities wanted to restrict exactly what products could be branded as champagne. Following this reclassification of sparkling wine, the term Cava was created. The word itself was chosen not for the origin of its grapes or due to a historical tale, it was simply because the wine was matured in stone cellars which in Spanish are known as ‘cavas’. In 1970 the product achieved recognition and was given the protective status of Cava D.O. (Denomination of Origin), this means that the product is protected by a series of quality controls that ensure it is of an optimum grade.


The rooftop of our boutique hotel in Barcelona

So, you may be wondering, why have Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona, chosen to focus on Cava for this blog article? Well, we believe that it is the best drink to accompany the incredible views which you can see from our rooftop in Barcelona.

On our rooftop we have a spectacular swimming pool, from which you can enjoy panoramic views of the Tibidabo, the most famous mountain in this area. As well as our rooftop swimming pool in Barcelona we have comfortable seating areas with sofas, armchairs and even water beds so that when you’re enjoying your ice-cold glass of Cava, you will feel completely relaxed.


Reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure we know that ending a busy day on our breath-taking rooftop in Barcelona with a glass of Cava is an experience you will remember forever. By reserving directly on our website, you will also receive direct booking benefits such as 50% off breakfast, free Nespresso capsules, free mini-bar and late check out (subject to availability). Don’t think about it any longer and reserve your room now!

At Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona we have reached 1000 reviews on TripAdvisor

At Well and Come, we are so pleased to announce that we have reached the incredible figure of 1000 reviews on TripAdvisor and we can’t thank you all enough, the thousands of travellers from all across the world who have stayed at our establishment and who have shared their experience on this prestigious platform.

At Well and Come, boutique hotel in Barcelona we are so overwhelmed as thanks to your reviews we continue to be in the TOP 20 list of 4* hotels in Barcelona. Our work philosophy is based on offering our clients the best service and the best experience possible. That’s why every day we work hard to improve the quality of our services and why we immensely appreciate all the reviews and opinions of our clients.


Choose Well and Come, our boutique hotel, for your stay in Barcelona

If you are thinking about visiting Barcelona in the near future, why not choose our boutique hotel as your resting place? You will find us in a very central and privileged location which means that you can easily reach any of the city’s biggest attractions by public transport.

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Live your own true story at Well and Come, our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona

The best stories happen in the best places. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city which holds some of the best corners of Europe. Its octagonal streets, the modernism that coats its facades which are inherited by the art of Gaudí, or the World Heritage Site of the Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell or the Palau de la Música Catalana, form part of an exclusive eclectic collection in the Mediterranean ocean.


A Boutique Hotel in Barcelona ready to satisfy your needs

There are few places in Barcelona where you can have an unforgettable stay. At Well and Come, the 4 star Boutique Hotel which was established at the beginning of 2016 in the centre of Barcelona, you will find it all: elegant decoration, exclusive customer service, attention to detail and a privileged location. Live your own story in the Condal City. We guarantee a high standard so that anyone who wishes to stay with us can relax and rest on our rooftop with views of the Tibidabo or with a glass of something cold in one of our rooms.

Fall in love with the views of the Tibidabo in any of our double rooms. Let yourself be surprised by the idiosyncratic traditions and customs of Spain’s second capital. Discover the magic of a Barcelonese night through its culture, its people and its nightlife, its gastronomy and leisure, in one of the liveliest European cities.


Reserve your room at our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona

Well and Come, Boutique Hotel in Barcelona, offers an excellent transport network, whether you are travelling by metro or by taxi, so that you can make the most of your stay. Reserve your room on our website and enjoy up to 50% off on packs and breakfast! You won’t regret it, your story is only just beginning.

Museums in Barcelona that you can’t miss out on: feel the art close by to our Boutique Hotel

Barcelona has a vast cultural heritage. The city has an ample selection of museums to visit. Visiting museums is a very interesting way to get to know the history and culture of the city. At Well and Come we want to show you the five most important museums, those which you cannot miss if you visit the city.


Museo Picasso of Barcelona

If you like the famous Picasso, without a doubt this is your ideal museum in Barcelona. This museum reveals the connection between the artist and Barcelona during his life. All of his pieces are chronologically ordered and there are around 4.200 permanent pieces. Every Thursday there is free entry between 18:00 and 21:30. The Picasso museum is one of Barcelona’s most visited museums.


Museo de Historia of Barcelona

The Museo de Historia of Barcelona is the best way to get to know the history in great depth of the city from its founding up until now. It has various secondary buildings spread across the city, the main building can be found in the plaza del Rey.


Museo Nacional de Arte of Catalunia

Located in the national palace, inside the Montjuïc Mountain this building was created for the International Exhibition of 1929. This museum in Barcelona has every artistic aspect: paintings, photography, sculptures, posters and much more. It is an excellent option to get to know the works of the romantic period up until the 20th century. Also, the impressive views from the museum will marvel you. The entry is free on Saturdays in the afternoon from 15:00 and the first Sunday of every month.




Joan Miró foundation

This art foundation in Barcelona was created by the artist himself with the idea to drive studies and investigations about contemporary art. The foundation has more than 14.000 contemporary works which you could enjoy during a visit. It is a unique space to get to know in depth the works of the famous Catalonian painter.


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Barcelona

This modern arts museum in Barcelona is an international reference for contemporary art. It has on display more than 5.000 works created towards the end of the 20th century. It is located in a large avant-garde style building in the Plaza dels Àngels. The display areas are very large, white and filled with light. It is one of the most visited museums of the city and is well known for its minimal and abstract art.


Exclusive benefits if you reserve on our webpage of the Boutique Hotel Well and Come

The objective of Well and Come is to look after their clients so that they feel at ease. That is why, we want to give them a reward if they reserve directly from our website. With this option we can guarantee the best possible price available, you could enjoy breakfast with a 50% off discount, you would have free Nesspreso coffee in your room and you could enjoy free access to the minibar. This option does not have hidden costs, you could also delay your checkout or even ask for an upgrade.

If you wish to find out more information about the services which you could benefit from by booking directly on our website, don’t hesitate to call us on (+34) 937 379 799.


Disfruta del arte barcelonés cerca de tu Hotel Boutique en Barcelona

All of these museums are within your reach if you stay at our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona. Your central location will allow you to access with easy all of the museums we have shown you in this blog entry. Also, you could enjoy a stroll through one of the most charming areas in Catalonian capital city.

Discover your Boutique Hotel Well And Come in Barcelona from another perspective

Did you know that in Barcelona you can eat and drink whilst being conscious of the environment? The city is full of bars, restaurants and ecological markets. In recent years they have been increasing the bikefriendly stores, with which you won’t have a single problem getting around the city and without needing to use transport that contaminates the environment.

At Well And Come we want to show you how to get the most out of an eco-holiday in Barcelona.


Eco Restaurants in Barcelona

In the Hotel Well And Come we have joined the eco line. That is why, we are going to recommend two ecological restaurants in Barcelona. We know that the city has a reputation for a past pace and to never stop, that is why we want to show you two restaurants that offer fast food that’s eco-friendly and healthy.

Firstly, we will mention Green Shots, it is a food take away store. They pride themselves on their food which is created with ecological ingredients and offer detox juices. Also, they pay attention to the small details such as ensuring that the packaging is biodegradable. This option can be found close to your Boutique Hotel in Barcelona.

Secondly, the restaurant Organic’s. They offer the possibility to design your very own dish under the concept “slow fast food”. It is all about simple dishes created with organic products that are available to take away. It is located right in the centre and is very easy to find.




Bikefriendly shops to get around Barcelona from our Boutique Hotel by bike

This trend has continued to become even more popular in recent years. Today, you can find many stores of this type. You now don’t need to worry thinking you have left your bike alone and defenceless. A store where you can enter with your bike is The Bike Club Barcelona. This way you don’t have the worry of having left your bike parked up in an unsafe place because you can take it with you at all times.

Another central option is The SweetOphelia Coff, a store where bikes are welcome and, also, they have available a parking area so that you can park your bike inside the premises.

Without a doubt two very feasible options to be able to get around the city by bike and without worry.


Well And Come: a more comfortable option in Barcelona

To continue the trend of healthy and ecological food in a more comfortable way, your Boutique Hotel en Barcelona offers a variety of possibilities. In the hotel restaurant you can find the freshest and most seasonal dishes without having to move.




Our rooftop in Barcelona: enjoy the benefits of the new vertical garden

At the Boutique Hotel Barcelona we have available a splendid rooftop terrace situated on the rooftop. Our clients can relax there after a tiring day of visiting the city that never sleeps.

During the summer, Barcelona has a magnificent climate which will make you want to take in a dip in our LED pool which has views towards the Tibidabo.

On the rooftop of the hotel we have a new addition: a vertical garden.

Now you can enjoy a natural and pleasing environment breathing the purest and freshest air. Come to our rooftop and experience the benefits that come with a vertical garden!

The creator of the vertical garden is the company Verdtical, where they are experts in the designing of vertical gardens. Verdticals mission is to improve the environment, to improve the air quality in the cities and the quality of life of our surroundings.

At Well And Come we worry about the well-being of our clients that is why we have trusted the best to improve even further the environment of our Boutique Hotel in Barcelona.


Vive la experiencia eco y disfruta del jardín vertical en nuestro hotel Boutique en Barcelona

No hay mejor ciudad que Barcelona para poder disfrutar de todos estos placeres ecológicos. Sigue tu día eco en el rooftop de tu hotel favorito, donde el jardín vertical te proporcionará respirar un aire purificado, una mejor eficacia térmica y buen ambiente.

¡Reserva cuanto antes y disfruta de tus vacaciones eco!



Plans for a memorable holiday in your Boutique Hotel Well And Come in Barcelona

Barcelona is a highly sought-after city during the summer months. This city is the most important destination for tourists in the whole of Spain, according to the OMT statistics. We are going to show you some ideas to suit all tastes if you are planning a visit to the city. Moreover, our hotel is situated close to all the places we are proposing, therefore to stay in our boutique Hotel Well And Come will be more comfortable and pleasant for you.


If you want to enjoy the solitude of Barcelona in the early morning, there is nothing better than to contemplate the sunrise from the Barceloneta beach. Or you could jog along the seashore and begin the new day full of energy in the company of the stunning views.

A stroll through the Ciutadella park is another fantastic option. This park is famous for its gardens, wooded areas, walks and its lake and waterfall. You can contemplate all these riches of nature from one of the rowing boats available to visitors every day from 10 in the morning.


The Boqueria Market is one of the most emblematic places in the city. It is an essential place to visit and without a doubt you will delight in the stunning mix of colours and flavours.


In Barcelona there are several examples of works by the famous Gaudi, so don’t miss out on a visit to famous buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, la Pedrera (Casa Mila) or La Casa de les Punxes, all very close to the Well And Come .


It’s a great idea to take a walk around the Old City (Ciutat Vella), the oldest part of the city, the Roman Barna, with its streets full of history and symbolism.


In this Catalan city you can find an enormous range of original premises, vintage markets, shopping centres, outlets and luxury boutiques. You can easily get to the best shops from our Hotel Well And Come.


Barcelona has innumerable welcoming bar terraces where you can spend some relaxing moments. One of them is the Antic Teatre with its enormous courtyard full of exuberant plants where you can enjoy the cool air while you are waiting for the cultural activities to commence.

Another terrace is the Cafe d’Estiu, which, as its name in Catalan indicates, is only open in the summer. A small corner of peace in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, far from the hustle and bustle of the more commercial streets in the city.


Barcelona never sleeps. All styles are represented in the night life. The lovers of jazz, rock, latin rhythms or pop will find their ideal place here. Innumerable karaokes, clubs, bars, discos all await you very close to our hotel.


With so many monuments, scenery and incredible views, there is always time to make people a little envious on the social media. You can have a great time taking photos of all the aforementioned places, all right by our Hotel Well And Come.


In our hotel we have a magnificent Rooftop terrace in Barcelona situated on the top of the building with views of the famous Tibidabo mountain. Guests can relax there after a busy day in the city and can enjoy some time surrounded by armchairs, sofas and water beds.