Well & Come Boutique Hotel in Barcelona and some family films for summer

At our boutique hotel in Barcelona we would like to present a list of refreshing movie titles to enjoy and make the summer more bearable for you and your family, and while you’re at it, take the opportunity to discover new adventures or to rediscover some classics with the little ones. Do you also love watching films this time of year?


Top 4 family films to watch this summer

We begin with a classic for the little ones, Finding Nemo, the underwater Pixar adventure which is a modern classic due to its attractive story line, loveable characters, aesthetic power, heartfelt values and…because of how much you enjoy watching it on hot summer days! We continue with Finding Dory, the sequel which is especially educational on topics such as disabilities and being comfortable in your own skin. Up next is Happy Feet: breaking the ice and transporting us to Antarctica during a time when the air conditioning or a quick dip can’t cool you down. We end our list with Rio, although the story doesn’t take place in summer, but during Carnival, it has a summer feel as we are used to celebrating it in our swimwear with our feet in the wet sand…its colours, rhythm and landscapes are the perfect mix to give us that necessary cool breeze.


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Well & Come boutique hotel in Barcelona, accommodation committed to protecting the environment

Our boutique hotel in Barcelona continues to support sustainability and to care for the environment, we are doing our part to try to improve our surrounding.

In order to try and make a difference, since the start of 2020 we have swapped plastic bottles for reusable glass bottles with pure, filtered and sustainable water.

With this action we have created a goal for ourselves to reduce our consumption of PET plastic by 190 kg per year. By doing this we can make a change and do our small part to help our planet.

The strategy is to eliminate products which use single use plastic and replace them with other biodegradable or compostable materials is linked with institutional efforts to fight climate change and the polluting of our coastlines, seas and it is now in force.


Aguakmcero, a sustainable brand which is committed to helping the environment

Aguakmcero produce exclusive reusable glass bottles, which respect their contents and don’t generate waste with every use. Made with glass, because it is 100% inert, this means that no toxic chemical can pass into the water. Also, glass is a material which encompasses the organoleptic properties and freshness of Aguakmcero. Thanks to Aguakmcero we can enjoy the highest quality water and from any location.


Reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Barcelona

Reserve your room at our boutique hotel in Barcelona and you can benefit from the exclusive discounts which we offer by reserving directly on our website: 50% off breakfast, free minibar, late check out and a free upgrade (subject to availability). We have everything to ensure that your stay in Barcelona be unforgettable, comfortable and most importantly sustainable.